S/Y Erica XII

S/Y Erica XIl is a 52m Classic Sloop design by Hoek Design Naval Architects. Build at Vitters Shipyard in 2008. She has a 62m carbon mast from Southern Spars and PBO rigging from Future Fibers.

Andy has kept a very good relationship with the captain and 7C Rigging was asked to do her 5 year refit that took place in Auckland New Zealand, Andy's home town. This time she got her PBO rigging changed to ecsix carbon rigging having to do some adjustment on spreaders ends. All went well and she is now happily crossing around the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas !

S/Y Erica has a special place in our hearts, this was the yacht where Andy Kitchener and Nancy Navarro met. Nancy Was working as the chief stewardess on board Erica, and Andy working for Southern Spars Rig-Pro La Ciotat, was in charge of assembly and stepping the mast!. Lucky lucky me!!

Even though Andy had a strict rule of not dating the stewardesses on the yachts, well rules are to be broken and and 8 years down the road here we are, with our own company, 7C Rigging and happily married! I can keep on telling more stories here but will leave that for a Blog some other time.