Kia Ora,

We spent the north hemisphere’s winter, which is the south hemisphere’s summer, in New Zealand – Aotearoa – The land of the long white cloud for the refit of S/Y Sarissa in Auckland also known as the City of Sails.

We had the the opportunity to be the assembly and stepping rigging company that worked on S/Y Sarissa from the beginning and now it is her 5 year rig refit. Knowing the captain Greg Monks well, he asked 7C Rigging to come and manage her refit down in New Zealand. Of course we were happy to come and work for them again and with the help of Rig-Pro we managed a perfect refit.

We arrived in New Zealand a week before schedule time for the refit, so we could spend a bit of time with family and friends, a bit of a holiday, and to celebrate my 5oth Birthday!. We rented a gorgeous cottage on a farm land with a private beach on Waiheke Island and had some great friends come and stay for a couple of nights and some more fantastic friends come have an amazing lunch at Mudbrick Vineyard fallowed by a BBQ at our gorgeous Cottage and a lovely swim at the privet beach on property.

Waiheke week was amazing, with lots of hikes, lots of food and the best 50th birthday ever!

Hiking Waiheke island!

Hiking Waiheke island!

After a swim at the beach with friends and Sarissa crew!

After a swim at the beach with friends and Sarissa crew!

My 50th!

My 50th!

At the cottage in Waiheke for my 50th. With Damon and Hanna, our great friends and soon to be neighbors!


So now, back in main land, we rented  little town house with Quinovic, a great agency we use every time we come to NZ to work. Have found out also the most of the boats that come here also use them to accommodate their crew when yachts are out of the water.

So now settled, we start work on S/Y Sarissa, starting with prepping the boat for unstepping, lots of unwiring, protecting and making sure we are all set up for the big day! planing it around good weather, of course 🙂

We had a perfect day at the City of Sails, and with the help of Rig-Pro and the Crew of Sarissa we had a very successful and safe unstepping.

After the unstepping the stripping begins; this took a couple of weeks and we were lucky to have great weather and had the job finish in time: remove the rigging and box it to be send for rebraiding to Sri Lanka,  give maintenance to all parts of rig, take spreaders off, the mast had a professional polishing job done, also some cables were changed and she had some rope work done.

rig and rigging safely down… let the stripping begin!

So, with the mast stripped and rigging off to rebraiding, some other parts sent to Reckmann for inspection and work, we managed to work on the week and actually have weekends off!!

Taking advantage of being in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, we took of for some hiking, visiting friends and family, walk thru vineyards….. sip some gorgeous wines and enjoy life !

Walking true Vineyards, Bay of Islands, Kerikeri,Northland

Walking thru Vineyards, Bay of Islands, Kerikeri, Northland.


With our great friend Nathan Tuke, Bay of Islands Kerikeri, Northland.

The farm at Sandy Bay. With Damon .. boys having fun!


Working along…. and rigging came back just in time to be ready for Stepping day! So again we had to unpack rigging to finish assembly and be ready for a great stepping !

Nice and calm stepping day in the city of sails

Mast is secured safely on .. so time to let go of the crane!

Rig is on! we have a yacht! now just boom and vang and lets move on with the tuning!

my favorite job! taking my honey honey up the rig!

My favorite job! taking my honey honey up the rig! lets tune this rig.

So an other couple of weeks to do tuning and installation, hydraulics and wiring, but all in schedule, giving me time to actually do half days, enjoying going to yoga and even Boxing classes to the surprise of Andy, there was no punching any one 🙂

S/Y Sarissa was fun to work on, having spent lovely time socializing with her great crew! we even surprised Andy with a fly to Barrier Island to play golf for his birthday! ( we were actually used as guinea pigs by Captain Monks to work on his pilot license, needer the less we had a great time! and were safely back to Auckland with no problems at all.. we even got to fly the plain!) boys playing golf and me to the beach!


Captain Monks and Andy,(Boogie) a great fly, golf, beach day!


Sarissa had to have more work done and we were not able to do sail trials with her, but we know it all went well and can not wait to see them again soon… Tahiti?? Hawaii??

Always wanting to share more about our job and New Zealand….. am afraid will have to be on an other blog.. this one getting a bit to long now, just on this trip i can write a book 🙂

Kia Ora.