This time we have been in Holland for almost a couple of months! Starting in Harlingen with SY Adele’s unstepping, making sure we were ready for the big day.. and we were!! We had a gorgeous sunny clear day and it took us 3 hours to unstep!!

We normally stay at the Hotel Almenum, in a nice cozy hotel with kitchenette that makes us feel at home every time we stay, which has been a lot,… It’s nice to make your own breakfast and have your own dinners when you stay for so long in one place. It beats the Hotels where you have to go out for dinners all the time and are limited to what they offer for breakfast. It is nice to make it home where ever our rigging takes us!

After the unstepping we moved to Vollenhove, where Royal Huisman ship yard and Rondal are.

Here we rented a gorgeous apartment at a farm house called  Adnah-Hoeve Bed and Breakfast, so our neighbors are the milking cows! and they have the most amazing personalities!

One of the 3 apartments they have at Adnah-Hoeve Bed and Breakfast!


The friendly and curious cows!


Always looking at what is going on!! just really cute…

Like we all know, weather in Holland is variable, going from winter to summer in one day… but beautiful is beautiful.. and at Adnah-Hoeve we get amazing sunsets! Both of these areas are great for running and biking!


Holland has been pretty much made for riding and that gives great running tracks going thru gorgeous farm land, old little gorgeous towns and dikes!



Stopping for a nice lunch in gorgeous old towns!


Now in Royal Huisman we have stripped main and mizzen mast, and have been lucky to be inside a heated shed!



The masts are ready for painting, parts are cleaned and new ropes, cables, and ecsix carbon rigging has been ordered and the boat is also in a full mode refit!

Andy has been called to finish sail trials on the Tripp 85, SY Aquijo, in Rotterdam. I have been lending a hand in finishing this project and on Monday the 14th of December I go to Palma to work with Hamish and Mark on SY Ganesha’s track!

Andy will be back in Royal Huisman to do the final touches and leave the masts all ready and all the new parts orders for the start of her assembly next year in April!