Today we had an easy and safe unstepping day for S/Y Adèle. So after a few days of prepping, we were ready, Thank you to Hebo for always helping out and doing a great job with the cranes, to the Adele crew for being so switch on and helpful. Andy Meiklejohn and Ludo Marthe from Rig-Pro ( the riggers).

Andy (boogie) and Andy 3names, dummy pinning the booms, to be ready for a smooth and easy unstepping. Part of a prepping job.


Gertjan from Hebo on style! directing the cranes for the unstepping of S/Y Adele.


Mizzen coming on barge, on top of Main and next to booms, ready for transport from Harlingen to Vollenhove


A weeks prep job with just Andy (Boogie) and Nancy, a couple of days with Andy Meiklejohn, and today with Ludo.. it all came to a perfect Unstepping.

Securely on the barge in route to Royal Huisman.


Ones safely at Royal Huisman in Vollenhove, masts were unloaded from barge and the stripping job began! Masts were put in a nice warm shed, stripping was done and we left them for painting. Coming back in April for a assembly and stepping.( part 2 A and B)

And for us is off to New Zealand (the land of the long white cloud) to work on the refit of S/Y Sarissa!